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  1. Introduction

Writing is an art of seting words together in signifier of sentences and paragraph. When this is given a form of an easy, missive, narrative or a study it constitutes a format.

  1. Writing Formats

Writing can loosely be classified into following formats:

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Let us now understand the rules that must be followed when composing for different formats.

  1. Letter authorship:A missive is defined as a agency of written communicating which is addressed to a individual individual or group of individuals. It used to be the primary agencies of communicating. On the footing purpose missive can be classified as missive can be divided into formal missive and informal missive

Informal Letter

Informal missive is besides known as personal or friendly missive and is frequently addressed to household, friends and relations. It is normally written in colloquial and friendly mode.


Format for Informal Letter




""""Dear Tom,






Tips for Writing Informal/Personal/Friendly Letter

  1. Since it’s a friendly missive which is addressed to household and friends who are addressed without their family name and is prefixed as Dear Father, Dear Son, Dear Tom etc. When turn toing a friend or relation who are elder to the transmitter can be addressed as Shri, Mr. etc.
  2. Subscription varies harmonizing to the relationship one portions with the receiving system. One can compose Yours Affectionately, Your Affectionate Son etc,
  3. In reasoning letters to friends or familiarities whom you address as Shri or Mr. you should utilize the word unfeignedly which may be preceded by

With sort respects,

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Sincerely should non be used in letters get downing with the formal Dear Sir, after which the proper word of subscription is dependably or genuinely.

Formal Letter

It is normally addressed to people we don’t know really good, haven’t met or those who are in authorization. It gives information, expresses concern, do a petition or to kick. It uses polite yet formal manner. It is written clearly and to the point.


Tips for Writing Informal/Personal/Friendly Letter

  1. Slangs and abbreviations should be avoided.
  2. Full reference and day of the month of author should be mentioned clearly.
  3. It should besides include inside reference which is typed two or six lines below he heading which references name and full reference of the receiver.
  4. The family name of the addressee should be used in salute like Dear Dr. Sharma, Dear Shyam Singh.
  5. The organic structure must dwell of good organized information so that reader can hold on instantly what you want. It should be clear and direct.
  1. Leave dual infinite below organic structure.
  1. Easy Writing

Easy is defined as a literary composing on any topic which is a written composing that gives look to one’s ain personal thoughts or sentiments on some subject. One should maintain following things in head for composing an easy.

  1. Research: it is a method for garnering information one requires for composing an easy. When making research make sure you are clear sing the subject, intent, mark reader and what you as a author privation to accomplish through your easy. One can utilize library or cyberspace for garnering facts and information.
  2. Analysis: one time research is over following measure is to analyze the information you have collected. You should look for facts that clearly define the subject, give grounds, grounds and illustrations.
  3. Brainstorming: after analyzing start geting at the position you wish to foreground in your easy. Filter out information, think and discuss to accomplish lucidity.
  4. Outline: make a free authorship or develop a bluish print for your easy so that you don’t miss out on the point you wish to emphasize upon.
  5. Introduction: present the subject. Introduction should be interesting and must catch reader’s attending.
  6. Body: the paragraphs representing the organic structure of a paragraph must concentrate on individual thought that supports the thought and the intent of your easy.
  7. Decision: author should utilize speedy wrap-up sentences to stop an easy. One can utilize some memorable idea, possibly a citation, or an interesting turn of logic, or some call to action. Is at that place something you want the reader to walk off and make? Let him or her know precisely what.

3. Writing for Diaries

Journal composing merely means dairy entry which is a personal record of experiences, happenings and self contemplation which are on a regular basis written in a dairy. The chief purpose of dairy entry is to come back to the same day of the month and twenty-four hours to experience nostalgic and relive those minutes.

Stairss for composing for diary

  1. Make certain what the intent of dairy entry is and what precisely you wish to compose.
  2. It must reflect the emotions, state of affairss and ideas of a author and is non an history of your day-to-day modus operandi.
  3. It focuses on your accomplishments and experiences during the twenty-four hours.
  4. It is non a day-to-day job.

4. Report Writing

A study is defined as a systematic, good organised papers which analyses a topic or job. It includes sequence of events,significance of events or facts,rating treatment, decisions and recommendations. A study is accurate, concise, clear and good organized.

Inverted Pyramid Style

Inverted pyramid manner is a journalistic signifier of authorship in which the of import facts of a intelligence narrative are placed at the top and the remainder of the inside informations are arranged in diminishing order of importance.

"slide-10-638The construction of pyramid has a wide base at the top and tapers towards its top. The intelligence narrative which is written in upside-down pyramid construction has a wide base at the top and tapsters towards the terminal.

The first paragraph, presentation or lead which is represented by wide base at the top constitutes the most of import portion of a narrative. It is the newest, most unusual, most interesting and most important and is told clearly and merely.

Second paragraph contains full account and all the inside informations. The most newsworthy parts of the narrative will be written nearest to the top of the narrative.

The ulterior portion of the narrative – the tapering point of the inverted pyramid – contains detail which is helpful, but non indispensable.

Why is the upside-down pyramid so of import?

This journalistic signifier of authorship is designed for velocity as the most of import fact which a reader must cognize is placed at the top followed by lesser and least of import facts. In other words the newsman puts the flood tide at the beginning which grabs the attending of the reader.

Let us now understand how upside-down pyramid construction is helpful for readers, newsman and editors.

  1. For readers, they can plane the top of a narrative and know they have read the most of import information.
  2. For editors, they can cut the undersides off of a narrative and cognize they’re still salvaging the most of import portion for readers.
  3. For newsmans, they have an easy manner to form their ideas — from most of import to least of import.

Harmonizing to Daniel, a journalist of Guardian,“in the upside-down pyramid method one should maintain in head that lead should non be more than 35 words, otherwise it gives a bad impression.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverted Pyramid Structure



  1. Complete narrative thought is put in the lead.
  2. Narrative can be edited from the underside.
  3. Giving headline becomes easy.
  4. A paragraph can be inserted in between the narrative.
  1. Not good for people who love reading.
  2. Discourages wont of reading,
  3. Narrative seems to be ne’er stoping and excitement gets lost

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